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Doctor Comments on the Realism of Game of Thrones Injuries

Here’s a link to an article, the likes of which we should definitely have more. A doctor answers questions about the injuries characters receive on Game of Thrones. I really wish I saw more articles where people consulted with experts … Continue reading

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I can’t say too much about this movie, because everything is a spoiler. So, spoiler-free review, but shorter as a consequence. Verdict: This has to be the best superhero movie I’ve seen since The Avengers. I’d missed going to the theater … Continue reading

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Starters by Lissa Price, YA Dystopia

Synopsis: Only the young and the old, as the most vulnerable populations, received the vaccine against the genocide spores before it was too late. Everyone else died. This lead to a shift of power in the direction of the elderly, … Continue reading

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Divergent, On Reading the Book After Watching the Movie

Now that I’ve seen the Divergent movie and have been relatively unimpressed by it, I decided to follow it up by reading the book immediately afterwards, on the suspicion that there were aspects of the story that would work better … Continue reading

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The Divergent Movie, Prior to Reading the Book

It was okay. Nothing special. I wanted to like it, because I want this female protagonist in an adventure/action role YA trend to continue, but it was just kind of there. I haven’t read the book, which might have made … Continue reading

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TV Opinion: Continuing Shows and New Premiers, mostly SFF

Here’s the status of the show’s I’m watching and the new pilots I’ve seen, from most promising to least. The older shows have an advantage in that respect, since they’ve had the opportunity to demonstrate some lasting power. Oddly, though … Continue reading

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Single POV Versus Multiple POVs: Pros, cons, and my constant battle not to make snap judgements

There seems to be a lot more single POVs going around than when I was a kid nowadays, and a lot of people seem to prefer it. It has its advantages, and sometimes, it’s right for the story. You can’t … Continue reading

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The Bone Palace by Amanda Downum: Necromancy, subterfuge, and dark secrets in a diverse and divided city

Synopsis: A necromancer serving the Crown pursues the murder of a prostitute in possession of a royal ring (that should have been buried in the tomb of a queen, under a heavy protection spell). She finds herself neck-deep in dangerous … Continue reading

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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Popular Authors I’ve Never Read

The theme for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, from The Broke and the Bookish, is popular authors I’d never read. Having at least half of these authors on this list is probably considered blasphemous, especially in SFF, but there it … Continue reading

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Orphan Black: Hint of Sci-fi, Lots of Thriller

I just watched the first season of Orphan Black (in like, two days). And wow, does it starts off great and keeps its momentum–accomplishing more in ten episodes than I’m used to seeing from most full series (hint: I’m thinking … Continue reading

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