Me, Publishing Perspective Thus Far

Hello all. I’ve been writing sporadically for years, and somewhere about a year ago I realized that I was serious enough about this that I should act like it. So, here I am.

My first venturing into the process of writing for publication is with shorter formats. I already got my first rejection for a novelette (very exciting!), and am now in the process of submitting short stories.

Currently, I think it makes more sense for me to start submitting short stories around the size requirements lots of magazines look for. There’s a bigger market for them. I haven’t given up on my novelette, obviously, and one way or another, it’s getting out there. But I’m still learning about the publishing process myself, so I’ll see what I think the best thing to do with it is once I have a bit more experience.

Of course, the blog would be pretty boring if I used it only for talking about my own work, especially as new as I am in the process. Who knows how long it would take me to get my work out there?

So, another aspect of this blog will be for me to talk about the things out there, in the media, which I like. I’m going to stick to positive commentary, in the interests of good karma. To draw more into the technical aspects of being a writer, I’m going to try to talk about the things that work well about those pieces, also.

I can’t promise I won’t post on various assortments of information, dealing with whatever  I’m researching at the time. Mythology, historical anecdotes, ect. Whatever is relevant for to my writing process.

Feedback always welcome, and I intend to have my first post on good media out later in the week.

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