Seanan McGuire’s Pre-release Strategy

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From what I’ve seen and read, it appears that authors face a challenge in getting audiences interested in a second series that doesn’t have anything to do with their first, more successful one. Well, here’s an example of a strategy to generate pre-release excitement that at least worked on me.

Seanan McGuire’s new novel, Discount Armageddon, comes out today. In the days leading up to this new release, McGuire employed a tactic to get the people who follow her blog interested in this new setting and in these new characters. What did she do?

She made short posts each day, one for each letter of the alphabet, giving a little insight on aspects of this new world. Compelling insights, mostly written so as to make you want to know more. Here’s the post that started it: From A to Z in the InCryptid Alphabet: A.

And that’s a good way to catch my attention, anyway.

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