Discount Armageddon, Cryptozoology

I spoke earlier about Seanan McGuire’s pre-release campaign for this book, but now I’ve gotten to read the book itself. This book is about a cryptozoologist working with communities of supernatural people and animals (cryptids), when trouble starts to go down in New York. So, what works really well?

Again, I would have to go with world building, but this book excels in a different kind of world building than the one in The Lies of Locke Lamora, which I talked about earlier.

McGuire has a good grasp of the various different cryptids that she’s dealing with. I tend to enjoy it when books go beyond the current vampire/werewolf lore and delve into topics that require more research. This one certainly does, and it isn’t even Eurocentric. There’s even species descriptions available as bonus material. It’s like an urban fantasy version of They Might Be Giants’ “Turtle Songs of North America,” in written form.

Other than that, the characters are fun to have around, and for me, the more characters I enjoy the better.

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