Milan is one of the cities that I went to on my trip to Italy over the past week. The other cities that I dropped by were Verona, Venice, and Florence. I’d been to only Venice and Florence before, and only for day trips. So I’m going to be putting up quick posts on each of these cities with respect to my recent time there.

Borrowed from, Image by Francisco Antunes

Milan is less known than other Italian cities for picturesque views and archeological sites. It is known as a huge city for fashion, an aspect that I was less interested in during my recent trip there. Still, I found things to be interested in and even didn’t get to see all of them, as I was only there for two days.

Primarily, there is the Duomo of Milan, Italy’s largest church. It’s a shame I didn’t get to go up to the top. I’m told there’s a good view of the sculptures up there. But it was pretty impressive from the bottom, too. And the inside was a bit like a museum with the paintings that were displayed between the columns.

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