Felicia Day’s Promotional Music Videos

I’d like to highlight another strategy for promotional work that I think is innovative and cool, but this time it’s not for a book. This time, it’s for a web series. And this is the third music video that Felicia Day has created in order to promote her series, The Guild, which is about a group of gamers who play a MMORPG.

The cool thing about the video is that I can actually imagine these characters from The Guild acting like that, given half a chance. They definitely have those kinds of issues.

Felicia Day has been one of the more successful pioneers in creating media for the internet. The Guild is probably one of the most well known web series out there. And today, she’s even launched Geek and Sundry. I, for one, am absolutely watching her new season for The Guild and the shows that are coming out on Geek and Sundry. Bonus that Wil Wheaton’s making one of them.

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