Dr. Horrible, the Best (and only) Supervillian Musical I’ve Ever Seen

First, let me catch people’s attention for this post with the names Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother), Nathan Fillion (Castle, Firefly), and Felicia Day (The Guild). Now, on to the actual post.

With Joss Whedon’s Cabin in the Woods out now (don’t give me any spoilers, I’ve been avoiding them for months), and with Avengers and Much Ado About Nothing on the way, I thought I’d talk about another Whedon project. And, as I’ve just added the web category this week, I’ve chosen his web series, Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog.

Here’s a clip the titular character attempting to hijack the 2009 Emmys and getting into a debate with his antagonist about TV vs web media, all done in character:

This series (more like a short movie) is a supervillian musical comedy. Being Whedon, it’s got both comedy and drama mixed into it, and saying any more would be telling.

This works on a few levels. One being that it’s well-written and funny. A mad scientist villain is the main character, and we watch him in his quest to join the Evil League of Evil and get the girl of his dreams. Also, it’s very well-made, in terms of the quality of the footage.

The best part is that it’s a cohesive story. This isn’t a funny set of events that just go on with no real reason for why this particular moment in the character’s lives are chosen. There’s a good reason why this is the story that’s being told. It’s very focused, and while it wants you to have fun while you learn about the world and the backstory, it’s also bringing you to a specific moment.

And the actors here are top notch, including the aforementioned three at the top of the post. And Neil Patrick Harris sings. What more do you want?

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