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The Doctor: Anti-hero, Alien, Smart Guy

Let’s talk Doctor Who. There’s a lot I could go on to say about this show, and I’m sure I’ll get into more eventually because I really love it. For now, let’s just talk about the main hero and why … Continue reading

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Collection of Stuff: Supervillians, Golems, and Buffy

Started reading Worm yesterday, a web serial about a girl who can control bugs and wants to be a superhero, falling in with a group of teenage supervillians. It’s reviewed very highly at Web Fiction Guide. So far, I’m engrossed … Continue reading

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Feed and Deadline from the Newsflesh Trilogy

Some of the points I wanted to make and talk about for these two books through the course of reading them have been eviscerated and turned on their heads by the last paragraph of the second book. So I had … Continue reading

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Awesome Websites, Not About Books

I don’t think I’m going to be doing top ten lists very often; they take up a lot of time and cover each topic with a lot less depth. But occasionally, I’ll put some out. This week, I’m putting one … Continue reading

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Sci-fi Room in Malpensa Airport

When I was in the Malpensa Airport for Milan, I passed through this room. It’s hard to see how big the space is in the picture, but it’s very wide, kind of like a giant box of open space. The … Continue reading

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Top 10 Favorite Snarky Characters Across TV, Movies, Books, and Web Media

That’s a pretty ambitious list to make, isn’t it? Oh well. I probably don’t need to tell anyone that this is going to be heavily biased. There are characters I haven’t included that I might have included if I’d made … Continue reading

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Hawaiian Luau Entertainment Fire Spinning Performance

Weekend was busy, seeing as how I graduated college and all. I got to go to a luau themed event put together for the seniors on Saturday, and took the following video of one of the performances by Hawaiian Luau … Continue reading

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