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I don’t think I’m going to be doing top ten lists very often; they take up a lot of time and cover each topic with a lot less depth. But occasionally, I’ll put some out. This week, I’m putting one out because the theme for Top Ten Tuesday by The Broke and the Bookish for this week is pretty intriguing. It’s called “Top Ten Blogs/Sites You Read That AREN’T about Books.” I wouldn’t have come up with an idea like that myself, but with a fun topic like that and a standing invitation by meme, why not?

1. Whedonesque – This is a site that collects links to pretty much anything online that has to do with Joss Whedon or writers/actors he’s worked with. It tends to link to a lot of cool stuff including lists, analyses, interviews, videos, tv, web media, ect. Lots of cool genre fiction representation. Right now it’s got lots of Avengers stuff, but they do tend to cull out the stuff everyone else is saying to get some unique and usual articles listed. Like this and this.

2. Above Ground – This is a web serial where above the ground is a magical society, with werewolves and witches and creatures of all sorts, and underground is a futuristic sci-fi society. A girl from below gets stuck on the surface, without any of her technology to help her, while a conspiracy rages underground.

3. Jane Friedman – This is a blog about writing and with advice for writers. She puts up a lot of stuff, from the basics to more advanced stuff to predictions about where book publishing is going, and of course, to further resources for all of those things.

4. xkcd – It’s not exactly the most unique thing to recommend, and it’s certainly not obscure or anything, but who cares? It’s got some fun stuff.

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5. Daily Science Fiction – This is a webzine for sci-fi/fantasy that posts mostly flash fiction, as in works under 1,000 words.

6. Girl Genius – This is an amazing webcomic about mad scientists in a steampunk setting. It’s won the Hugo award for Best Graphic Story three times. It’s also got a novelized version for those more interested in prose.

7. Felicia Day – This is Felicia Day’s blog, where she updates on her projects and on what she’s doing. Updates aren’t regular, but that makes sense. A lot of her stuff is high quality web videos, as she’s become something of an entrepreneur/creator on the web, though she still does some acting on television shows.


8. Mike Brotherton: SF Writer – He’s a physicist/professor/writer and qualifies for this list because most of his posts aren’t about his writing. He posts pretty often about science, perceptions about science, and media. He provides lots of interesting links to articles, too. I love reading this, because even though I’m a biologist rather than a physicist, and way earlier in my career spectrum than he is, the talk about how academia works is familiar to me. What isn’t familiar is often good stuff for me to hear. And then there’s the geekier speculative fiction talk and links, which pretty fun. Hm, maybe I should be linking more?

9. Tower of the Hand – This is an unofficial site on ASOIAF, running way before HBO’s A Game of Thrones came along. It deals with everything ASOIAF related, holding discussions and linking to article. For a site dealing solely with the TV series, there’s Winter is Coming.

10. Zombie Zone News – In honor of Mira Grant’s Blackout coming out today, I’m including a zombie themed item on this list. I should have a post on the first two books in that trilogy, Feed and Deadline, out sometime this week. This website has reviews of zombie related works, miscellaneous useful articles on surviving the zombie apocalypse, and more.

And that’s my top ten. Anyone know any great websites they’d like to share?

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4 Responses to Awesome Websites, Not About Books

  1. Great links. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  2. Ashley says:

    lol i just started watching supernatural bc hao forced me to watch it. what was felicia day doing in that episode?

    • Marie Erving says:

      That clip is pretty much all I know. I don’t really have time to catch up with supernatural. I picked the video because it was one of the more recent things in her blog, and because I’ll probably do individual posts on her own projects in the future and use those clips then.

      Sorry about that. But Supernatural’s a good show, so hopefully you’ll be ok.

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