Collection of Stuff: Supervillians, Golems, and Buffy

Started reading Worm yesterday, a web serial about a girl who can control bugs and wants to be a superhero, falling in with a group of teenage supervillians. It’s reviewed very highly at Web Fiction Guide. So far, I’m engrossed enough to have been reading it all day. After trying to read two YA books that I just couldn’t get into, even though they were both highly rated, it’s good to have something like this to read.

I’m liking the different power sets represented and the battle descriptions best. Of course, I’m not even halfway through what’s been written so far, and the serial is still running.

Also, spent some time this week playing Fallen London, where I’m currently collecting Ridiculous Hats and getting rid of my nightmares, all the while preparing to sneak into the Shuttered Palace. It’s set in a gritty London underground type place with lots of shady activities and, like, golems. Actually, I have no idea what’s going on. Though I’m pretty sure I like it. Fallen London is a browser game where you unfortunately can only use ten moves at a time and each move is replenished after ten minutes–which means there’s a lot of waiting time between actions, so you can’t play though the game all at once. I’m still playing though, so I guess their strategy is working.

And here’s a funny Buffy flowchart, posted on

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5 Responses to Collection of Stuff: Supervillians, Golems, and Buffy

  1. wildbow says:

    Thanks for the mention, Marie. Glad you’re enjoying Worm.

    • Marie Erving says:

      You’re welcome. Thanks for writing it.

      • Psycho Gecko says:

        Mwahahaha, I approve of your mentioning of it!

        Bleh, that’s a horrible comment. Makes me feel like a rectal harlequin…hmmmm….note to self: right up backstory on new super…oh, let’s say villain…named Rectal Harlequin.

        I’m here because of Wildbow’s mention.

        The characters are great, and Taylor in particular you just want to squeezyhug and yell “It’s so fluffeh!” or at least try to stand up for her. Ah, but you can’t, not unless you’re possibly a supervillainous character like me! Mwahahaha *activates a pair of Tesla coils which then zap a box. He peeks in the box, then tosses it off, revealing a perfectly cooked pizza.* Care for Schroedinger’s slice?

        Anyway, a truly engrossing story, often hooking you with those cliffhangers. I’d hate cliffhangers by now if it wasn’t such a good story to keep reading. Even when someone makes a bad decision or does something stupid, it still feels like the kind of bad decision or stupid choice a person would make in a world full of superheroes. A bit on the dark and cynical side, but I think it fits the times we live in very well myself.

        Plus, as you might have noticed by now, the comments can be almost as much fun. Just skip over any part where some guy named Psycho Gecko discusses religion. It only comes up like once, but just move on past that to all the great and wonderful and funny things he says instead!

        Then again, I showed up here due to Wildbow so perhaps I don’t count as an objective source on the matter. Fret not on the issue, lest I release my pack of vicious Komondors to hunt you down!

        Given the material here, maybe I oughta look around too. I see some dark fantasy/horror themes around and I do enjoy a good scare. Spoiler alert: Chernobyl Diaries isn’t one.

      • Marie Erving says:

        Hm, I can’t comment on the cliffhangers yet because I’m still going through the archives–so I pretty much only have to stop reading to sleep. When I catch up, maybe they’ll be more noticeable. I can agree that the story’s very engrossing, because I’ve been reading it straight through for days now, and have gotten much more attached to it since I first wrote this blog post.

        I have to admit I haven’t stopped too often for the comments, because I kept wanting to get to the next chapter, but I expect I’ll be reading a lot more of them pretty soon.

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