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“Write Like the Wind”, Convergence of Paul and Storm, GRRM, and Jeff Lewis

It’s seriously awesome that Paul and Storm wrote a GRRM song with Jeff Lewis (from the Guild) starring in the video, and that it’s on Felicia Day’s channel, Geek and Sundry. I would like to point out that I personally … Continue reading

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Ember: A Different Kind of Cinderella

Ember is a free web novel, a retelling of Cinderella. I personally think that fairy tale retellings can be kind of fun, so I was glad to have found this one. I enjoyed that all of the characters were treated … Continue reading

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That Recent Promoting Science to Girls Thing

On the heels of the recent controversial commercial that tries to make science seem more attractive to girls, I decided to post a few older videos that are, if nothing else, at least more honest. These videos were made with … Continue reading

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The Canterbury Tales Remixed: Old English in Rap?

Today, I’m going to highlight the Canterbury Tales as presented in The Canterbury Tales Remixed. Same disclaimer as last week: “Anyone even passingly interested in the Epic of Gilgamesh, Beowulf, or the Canterbury Tales might want to try this out, … Continue reading

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Animation “Ups!”

Uh, I think the moral of the story is never to kick cans. That, or never to litter.  

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The Hunger Games Movie, Juxtaposition

This is a good movie. It isn’t an action movie, though, which is what I went in expecting. It’s more of a dystopia with bits of survivalist thrown in. That said, it obviously wasn’t the action that stood out. As … Continue reading

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The Canterbury Tales Remixed: Gilgamesh

I find it really cool that Baba Brinkman created a rap album of modernized descriptions of literary classics, though I can’t say I’m a fan of rap. The fact that I recognized some of these stories was a plus, but … Continue reading

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