Internet Videos: Avengers, Stan Lee, Swing

There’s a lot of cool stuff on the internet, so much so that sometimes the best stuff is hard to find. So I decided to share some cool one-off videos. As a bonus, each video is somehow connected to the previous one.

1. How the Avengers should have ended. This should be funny to anyone who watches superhero movies. I love it, especially the part where Hulk says “Joss is boss.” There’s more stuff like this for other movies on their website, for those interested.

2. From Avengers to Stan Lee. This video would be of most interest to fans of any of Stan Lee, Jace Hall, or Jenna Busch. Stan and Jace banter,  discuss success, and talk about the Marvel movies in the works. Stan Lee and Jenna Busch have also done this kind of conversation video with Jane Espenson, Colin Ferguson, and Felicia Day.

3. Speaking of Felicia Day, she has a show called the Flog where she learns something new each week. This video is of learning to dance with KevJumba. She’s also done things like blacksmithing, ice sculpting, and a steampunk photoshoot.

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