“The Great Game” and “A Scandal in Belgravia” Sherlock Reactions

I’ve finally got around to watching the BBC’s Sherlock, as I’ve been meaning to for two years. And I somehow managed to start watching it out of order, but that’s not the important part. The third and fourth episodes are the only ones I’ve seen, and this reaction post will contain spoilers.

First off, I love Sherlock’s character. He had me from the moment I found out he didn’t know the Earth revolved around the sun–in the scene above, as a matter of fact. I love seeing an intelligent character (the quintessential intelligent character, on top of that) played in a way that shows that not only is he not all knowing, but he doesn’t even understand basic concepts in a field very removed from his area of expertise. That alone was enough to win me over, but it doesn’t stop there. He’s childish, insensitive, blunt…the list goes on. It’s Sherlock’s imperfections that make his character shine.

And I loved the actors. This show has some great actors.

Overall, I really enjoy watching this show, and recommend it for its positive points. But there are a few faults, mostly with plot points being too convenient, that I have to point out.

Some of the gimmicks in the show were too much. The password Irene Adler chose for the phone holding all of her blackmail data made no sense. So because she likes Sherlock she creates an obvious password based off of his name? Regardless of how she feels about Sherlock, I find it hard to believe she wouldn’t have a decent password guarding the information that her life depends on. And even if her password is connected to Sherlock, she could definitely come up with a more secure one than his name. I mean, she’s Irene Adler.

Let’s not even touch her eventual fate, at the end of that episode.

And then there’s the scene that the (very spoilerish) clip below comes from. It’s fun from an acting standpoint, but makes no sense otherwise.

I was convinced that there were no snipers in that pool area. Just guys with red lasers. There were so many points at which they could have shot their weapons and taken out Holmes and Watson without hurting their boss. Or they could have just finished the job after their boss made his grand exit. Or the boss didn’t have to come back and be all like, ‘I lied, I’m going to shoot you, but first let me stand here in front of you without a weapon while you’re holding a gun.’ It’s a little implausible that no one shot anyone in that scene, given as how both sides wanted to eliminate the other.

And let me point out that Sherlock Holmes should not be allowed to hold a weapon if he’s going to wave it around, incidentally managing to point it at his own head.

Overall, very fun show to watch, love the characters. But expect a few instances of things not making sense.

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2 Responses to “The Great Game” and “A Scandal in Belgravia” Sherlock Reactions

  1. trophos says:

    I really love the original stories, and I love how these guys are finding to update the shows in ways that remain true to the originals while still making them make some sense in the modern world. But yes, there are definitely weak points… and I think many of those might be from trying to balance the original with the remake. I just finished the season last night – what fun!

    • Marie Erving says:

      I actually think they’re doing fine with balancing the difference in times, but they sometimes sacrifice more practical concerns to dramatize a scene. They aren’t actually doing any worse than most TV with that, to be honest. I’m just nitpicking. And anyway, I’ve only seen the two episodes…can’t wait to see the rest!

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