Thalia’s Musings, Modern-ish Greek Mythology

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As the second volume of this very good web serial has just started postings this week, it’s a good time to talk about this Greek mythology based series. Therefore I’ve decided to do a second review post, just for this week.

Thalia’s Musings is told in a very modern voice; it is deliberately anachronistic, with a style and vocabulary that would be accessible even for people who don’t read traditional fantasy. I mean, this is written informally. Cannot stress that enough. And it’s well done, fitting together very well.

The narrator is Thalia, the Greek Muse of Comedy. The series deals with her getting embroiled in the numerous problems caused by the other gods, as well as the trouble she makes herself. Of course, the trouble she makes always gets out of hand because this is the Greek pantheon of gods. How can things not go wrong?

I like the retellings of the Greek myths included in this series, and how much information the author (Amethyst Marie) manages to put into this. I like the tone, I Iike the characters, and I think this is just a fun read. The utter ridiculousness of some of the situations created by the so called “glee club of the gods” (the nine Muses) is hilarious, and putting a figure of moderation and self-restraint in charge of them is great irony.

Recommended, and not just for using Greek mythology as a theme, though I personally consider that a huge bonus.

And for a completely different kind of modern reinterpretation of the Greek muses, check out this piece on Deviantart.

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4 Responses to Thalia’s Musings, Modern-ish Greek Mythology

  1. trophos says:

    Thanks for sharing, I hadn’t seen this and am now really excited to check it out!

  2. Psycho Gecko says:

    You know Dionysus has to be big in the college frat scene. Wild parties with drinking, sex that people regret in the morning, and the fact that it’s all Greek? It’s toga time!

    I’m guessing Hades is set up around Africa. A lot of people digging underground for wealth in extremely bad conditions that some compare to hell. That, or I’d put him over in the Middle East, with its oil reserves. Hades is also known to hide his wife from the world, that’s for sure.

    I also have to wonder what Hera would be up to. Do you think she’s for gay marriage, or against it? Maybe she wants to defend traditional Greek marriage, you know, one Greek to one Greek, with the man allowed to stray to younger guys, and no non-Greeks need apply. Or, seeing as she was so big on having a kid all her own, Hephaestus, without the help of any man, it’s possible she wants women to get married all on their own. Plus, she didn’t mind Zeus bringing his poolboy, Ganymede, up to Olympus.

    As for Zeus, he’s probably a bit pissed that Ben Franklin invented some popular lightning rods to stop him striking the Christian churches. Given what happened to poor Tesla, I figure Zeus for a Bell supporter in the war of the currents.

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