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Spring 2012 anime season, Kokoro Connect and Humanity Has Declined

I decided to mention briefly mention what I’m watching simulcast from Japan during this anime season. I’ll probably do something similar when with TV in general after the fall stuff starts showing. Two shows have managed to hold my attention this summer:   Kokoro … Continue reading

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“Top Ten Bookish Confessions”

Another top ten list from The Broke and the Bookish, this one is for confessions. I’m taking the confessions part of this theme seriously, so I’m going to be mentioning personal preferences and even a thing or two that I … Continue reading

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Two minute descriptions of a graduate thesis, PHD Comics

I’ve now moved to NYC, and my graduate program is about to start. So I consider today’s topic to be very appropriate in how it coincides with where I’m about to go. PHD Comics ran a contest where people to submitted … Continue reading

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Joss Whedon guest stars on Husbands season 2 premier

So yeah, the second season of Husbands is coming out online. It’s not my usual genre: it’s a romantic comedy about two (male) celebrities married to each other, who have to contend with public opinion. But it’s one of the … Continue reading

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Syfy’s Alphas, conflict and characterization

The show focuses on a group of mutants (who are known as alphas in this universe) that work for the government in dealing with dangers posed by other alphas. Here’s the 2012 Comic  Con reel, with some spoilers for the … Continue reading

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Sights of San Francisco

Last week, I went on a trip to San Francisco. So here are some of the places we went and things we saw. There’s the Golden Gate Bridge, a suspension bridge around 1.7 miles in length. We drove over it … Continue reading

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Fey Winds, comedic fantasy webcomic

So, some time back, I was reading this webcomic. It was one of the more interesting ones I’d come across and I liked it enough, but once I got through the archives, I wasn’t so good at coming back every … Continue reading

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