Dishes from around the world, grilled scorpion

This post was inspired by an image at National Geographic:

Borrowed from; Photo by Douglas Bakshian.

This image was taken in Beijing (China).

I’m not typically a very adventurous eater, traveling or not, but this image got me thinking. How would you actually eat this? If I do ever come across scorpions on sticks being sold as food, I have no idea whether or not I would buy one . But if I do, then what? I’d just be left holding a stick with a scorpion and no idea what to do with it. Kind of like I am with lobsters, actually.

Maybe I shouldn’t have wondered, but it’s too late to take it back now. So I came across this post, which revealed that removing the stingers prior to consumption may lead to getting stabbed.

Eating a different type of food from my usual, especially when it’s plain food without any kind of dressings, might not be so bad. But eating food that has the potential to injure me?

Further research indicated that you do not, in fact, have to remove the stinger before eating it. I still haven’t decided if this makes me feel better or not.

For pictures of other delicacies from Beijing, check out this post, about halfway down. Some of the pictures are even labeled in English.

Anyone ever tried scorpion before? Or want to?

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