Fey Winds, comedic fantasy webcomic

Borrowed from feywinds.com

So, some time back, I was reading this webcomic. It was one of the more interesting ones I’d come across and I liked it enough, but once I got through the archives, I wasn’t so good at coming back every week to read only one page at a time. That goes for me and all webcomics, actually. I like to wait a while, then come back for a bunch of pages instead of coming back every week for one.

So I was casually going back to this comic, then I got wrapped up in a lot of work, studying abroad, and so on. I forgot to go back to it for a while.

When I did finally come back, it wasn’t the same. I mean, the art was the same, and the characters were the same, but I realized that the author had to have gone back and fixed up the story. This was a different draft than the one I’d been reading.

And it was really good. Much more crisp, much funnier, and with a lot less regard for the fourth wall.

This comic is called Fey Winds, a comedic fantasy adventure, starring a cast who really manage to get themselves into unfortunate circumstances. Fortunately, they’re as good at getting out of trouble as they are at getting into it. Somehow.

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