Joss Whedon guest stars on Husbands season 2 premier

So yeah, the second season of Husbands is coming out online. It’s not my usual genre: it’s a romantic comedy about two (male) celebrities married to each other, who have to contend with public opinion. But it’s one of the better executed comedy series I’ve come across, and it addresses homosexuality more frankly than I usually see.

While this isn’t genre, but it’s got a lot of involvement from people who are well known in genre. It’s co-created by Jane Espenson (the other co-creator is Brad Bell), who’s done work on Buffy, Once Upon a Time, Game of Thrones, ect. Plenty of people involved in Joss Whedon’s work have guest starred, actually. Many in this episode.

The second season appears to be longer than the first, as this episode was probably close to the length of the entire first season, clocking in around 10 minutes. I like both lengths so far. The work seems to lend itself pretty well to quick one shots, I think.

And of course, Joss Whedon’s appearance on this episode is a huge bonus, along with the other Whedon alums in this episode.

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