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Lab Talk: What is research like?

So I’ve been thinking about how to talk about science and what to talk about. And this topic was inspired by something I heard in a meeting for an outreach club. They talked about exposing children in school to the … Continue reading

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Earlier impressions of Warehouse 13

I’ve now caught assorted episodes of Warehouse 13 across a few different seasons. I really like the premise of the show, that there are all of these powerful artifacts that the main protagonists have to keep a lid on. It … Continue reading

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Pilot Impressions for Last Resort, Revolution, The Mob Doctor

I’ve gotten to see the first episode of three of the series I was planning on trying this TV season, and I wanted to get this up before the second episodes come out. Only one of the shows is technically … Continue reading

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Lab Talk: Where does the science go?

So I said I’d try talking about the basics of what it’s like in the field of biology, and here’s my first attempt to say something about it. First, I’d like to start off with myself and where I’m speaking … Continue reading

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Things I liked about the Hunger Games Trilogy

Note: I’m working on some posts on the biology stuff I promised during my last post. I probably won’t be doing them weekly, or anything, but the first one should be out soon. Post Mockingjay, I decided to make a … Continue reading

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Changes in the blog and The Umbrella Academy, Dark Horse Motion Comics

First off, now that the school year has started, I’m eliminating the required weekend posts–I may still post on topics like that sporadically, but I’ll let it develop naturally. Some of those posts were really easy for me to write … Continue reading

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Ashes of Honor, book six of Seanan McGuire’s October Daye series

Ashes of Honor is the sixth book of an urban fantasy series focusing on a half-fae living in San Francisco. October (or Toby) Daye works as kind of a detective for the Duke of Shadowed Hills, and she has to … Continue reading

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