Pilot Impressions for Last Resort, Revolution, The Mob Doctor

I’ve gotten to see the first episode of three of the series I was planning on trying this TV season, and I wanted to get this up before the second episodes come out. Only one of the shows is technically genre, but I’m going to pretend Last Resort is sci-fi. Mild spoilers, but none that I consider too serious. It’s only the first episodes, after all.

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Last Resort (the first episode preview is available from yahoo): premise, the crew of a submarine in the Navy take a stand.

The episode ended in such a way that I was intrigued, but the first half of it could have been handled better. I’ll admit that I love tons and tons of characters as much as the next person. More than, probably. But they can’t all be introduced at once or we won’t get to know any of them well enough to care about them initially.

Other than that, I definitely plan on watching the next episode. It’s a little unusual that the episode ended with the protagonists literally conquering an island, but we’ll see how it goes. It certainly has a lot of potential for conflict, anyway.

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Revolution: premise, technology stops working.

Not sure what to make of this show yet. Once character, Nate, had an introduction which was a little clunky. And why did he and Charlie (the main heroine) start being so friendly, anyway? Where is the development?

That said, I though it was interesting to see the hunter as the idealistic one and the doctor as the cynic who doesn’t trust anyone. I’ll have to watch the next episode and see how I feel about it, to make up my mind. Favorite character so far is the doctor.

Also, anyone know what exactly the black out thing was supposed to affect? Because the electricity’s gone, cars stop dead in the middle of the road, batteries stop working, but guns are okay.

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The Mob Doctor: premise, a doctor has to pay off a debt to the mob.

While this was the best put together of the pilots I saw, it wasn’t the most engaging. It did flow the best, and the character play was solid. But I couldn’t help being a little uninterested. Haven’t decided if I’m going to see the next episode or not yet.

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6 Responses to Pilot Impressions for Last Resort, Revolution, The Mob Doctor

  1. Psycho Gecko says:

    Well, most guns aren’t powered by electricity. Maybe some of the additions they put on them require electricity, but a gun is a mechanical weapon, not an electrical one. If they’re talking something futuristic with lasers, it shouldn’t work. It will be problematic in the long run to create more guns, repair the ones you have, or mass produce ammunition, however. Luckily, on some of those points, certain guns were designed to withstand a lot of abuse or use fairly common ammo.

    I could see a doctor being the grumpier one. Their profession relies a lot more heavily on technology than in the times before electricity. Imaging machines, perfectly mixed anesthesia, scheduling/alert technology, electronic medical records. However, it must be noted that I didn’t see any of the pilots.

    Hope you’re settling into grad student life ok. Gotta be tough at that level, especially in science. Don’t let all the reading and watching and blogging interfere with your sciencing. And try not to let the beaker boy’s club get to you.

    • Marie Erving says:

      Right, but cars stop dead in the middle of the road. I don’t think most cars are electric. And don’t batteries have a chemical reaction? But anyway.

      I’ve been in grad school for almost a month, and I think I’m doing okay. I’ve only had classes so far, and I’m about to start rotating in labs next week, but I’m pretty excited about my rotations. Which is great. What’s the beaker boy’s club?

      • Psycho Gecko says:

        Just my way of saying that science has tended to be more of a boy’s club. You know, guys not necessarily being the most inclusive to women.

        I AM working off extremely little knowledge about how much cars depend on their batteries, though. However, after a little bit of looking up, it seems I’m not so far off the mark.

        While there’s people in military and survival forums adding their somewhat unverifiable information to the mix, there is an EMP cannon in development that is designed to fry a car’s microprocessors. You would apparently need a 60s or 70s car if you wanted to keep driving after being hit with that thing.

      • Marie Erving says:

        There are a lot of women in biology, though. According to some of the statistics I see flying around, there might even be more women then men in biology. I haven’t noticed any discernible gender imbalance where I am. Not just at my level (graduate student), but in terms of the professors as well.

  2. Psycho Gecko says:

    Yeah, I thought some time later that it does seem a bit odd for cars to stop completely, as we think of them as mechanical. Nowadays, though, I bet they’re a lot more dependent on electrical systems than we’d think. Fair warning, I’m basing this idea on a truck from the 80s or 90s shutting down in traffic due to a messed up alternator. Luckily it was before attempting to make a turn and not at any point during.

    If that’s not the case, definitely a problematic implementation. If I may completely sidetrack the conversation, kind of like JLA: Act of God, in which DC’s superheroes lose their powers, except those who use technology or people with no powers. Except various tech-based heroes still lose their powers, like The Atom and Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter and Superman lose theirs too, which were actually natural abilities for being different species. It was not a highly thought of story.

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