Earlier impressions of Warehouse 13

I’ve now caught assorted episodes of Warehouse 13 across a few different seasons.

I really like the premise of the show, that there are all of these powerful artifacts that the main protagonists have to keep a lid on. It makes for some interesting plot lines, and leaves room for historical references.

Of course, for me, the most important aspect of any work is usually the characters. So let me go down the list of some of the characters and talk about what impressions they made on me. Pete was always likable, from the start. He’s got a very “rolling with the punches” kind of attitude, and he does it with such positivity. Transfered to the middle of nowhere for no easily discernible reason? That’s okay if there’s cookies. It’s very entertaining.

Myka, in the pilot episode, was more difficult for me to like, at first. Once she gets her bearings and starts getting into the case, she improves a bit. By the end of the third season, though, she’s much more likable. Probably earlier, but I haven’t seen anything between the pilot and one of the last episodes of the third season. When she was being very rigid and by the book in the beginning, I found it harder to relate to her. But in the third season episode, she showed a lot of emotion, and it didn’t stop her from being effective, but it make her seem much more real. I especially love her attention to detail, as it’s a character trait I can relate to.

As for the other regulars, Artie is supposed to be a bit eccentric, and I suppose he is, but for me he comes off as more nonchalant. Certainly less quirky than Pete. I suppose working with supernatural artifacts will make you pretty whatever about the things that will freak out other people.

Claudia was also very interesting in the episode I saw from the fourth season. She felt a bit quirky too, and I really liked her portrayal, but I haven’t gotten a good feel for her character yet. Leena, I have an even worse feel for as I’ve only seen her in a few scenes. Steve too.

I’m definitely going to keep up with the show, though. It’s genre, which is a bit of an attraction for me. It has likable characters, many of whom are not the usual archetypes. And I definitely enjoy it when some of the characters are a bit odder than the usual.

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