The Guild, web series about gaming

Now that season 6 of the Guild has premiered on Geek and Sundry yesterday, I wanted to talk about this series, created by Felicia Day. She’s kind of a pioneer with web series, for those who don’t know. Personally, I follow most of her work.

The Guild is a web series about a gaming guild and how they start interacting with each other in real life. It’s probably one of the most well-known web series out there. And it’s got some awesome promotional music videos, like the one below:

My favorite part of the series has to be the main protagonist, Codex. She’s one of the more relatable characters for me personally that I’ve come across in fiction. She’s awkward but eager, and wants to form connections with people but doesn’t know how. She get caught up in the world of the game she’s playing, and I’ve felt that way about stories. So despite the fact that I don’t do a lot of gaming, and never social gaming, it was easy to relate to her.

And I like the cast, in general. They’re all a bit quirky, and I like characters that are a little unusual. Most of the humor is genuinely funny, and this is coming from someone who’s picky about her comedy.

The first episode from the first season is below:

In general, I thought every season of the show was better than the last one, up to season five. I keep thinking the newest season is my favorite. Season six is coming out now on Geek and Sundry and I’m hoping it continues the trend.

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