Innkeeper Chronicles, new web serial by Ilona Andrews

Ilona Andrews is a New York Times best-selling author who’s now releasing a web serial online, for free, as per the blog story format. Innkeeper Chronicles is here.

Ilona Andrews and her husband write together, generally urban fantasy, but some sci-fi too. They’ve got some good stuff out. I generally enjoy their world building quite a lot–each new series is completely different from the previous one. Their characterization is variable, too. Each new protagonist is also different from the ones who came before.

They’re obviously open to experimentation in terms of how they get their work out; they’ve done traditional publishing, they’ve done e-book only publishing, and  they’ve done self-publishing. They’ve posted free extras and snippets up on their blog. And now they’re writing blog fiction.

This series is still in its early stages, but the authors have a solid record of very well-written stuff, so my expectations are high.

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5 Responses to Innkeeper Chronicles, new web serial by Ilona Andrews

  1. This looks really interesting, and I love the idea of blogging installments of a story. If it can generate enough buzz, it would be a very cool way to get people into her books and her other works (that may well be what happens to me…)

    • Marie Erving says:

      Well, in this particular case, since these authors already have a sizable and dedicated fan base, I’m not sure that’s what they’re going for. If anything, it’s more likely to be a bonus for loyal fans who read the blog…

      That said, everything is changing, and there are people out there who write blogfic which a lot of people follow and love. If that’s what you’re going for, that’s really cool! There are some awesome stories being told in that format. Do you write long or short works?

      • Guess I’ll be limited to being a bandwagon fan, then 🙂

        I write both, though at the moment everything I’ve written I’ve conceived as being published in more traditional format (short story and novels). But the idea of writing a story solely published in blog format is one that I think could be very cool, or even a way to get people acquainted with the stuff I’d like to publish (i.e. a character blog written by one of my characters, or news reports as if from another world). It’s something I’ve been thinking about for once I get caught up on some other projects and school gets off my back a little.

      • Marie Erving says:

        Hey, you like what you like, regardless of when you discover it. I’m pretty sure most people who became Harry Potter fans after the movies came out don’t think of themselves as lesser for it.

        It’s an interesting idea, to do tie-ins like that. I’ve personally only considered extras, or standalone stories in the same universe, when I think about it. I can’t think of any examples where someone’s done something like blogging from a character’s perspective , though. I’m sure they’re out there, but I haven’t come across any yet. The closest I’ve heard of is tweeting from a character’s perspective.

      • I think the main reason I like the blogging idea is that it would allow me to play around with the characters and the world while not compromising any potential publishing endeavors. The only real thing I’m paranoid about is people possibly stealing my ideas in such a way that they can’t be called plagiarism. But if I was able to get a book on the way to publication, I could see myself using a blog as a means of publicity. Partially because I tend to get very impatient with Twitter- I’ll use it sporadically and then leave it alone for several days. I’m such a bad journalism student…

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