Coming up and the Fall TV season

Hello everyone, I’m going to be at New York Comic Con this weekend, which is very awesome. Hopefully, I’ll have plenty to talk about after that. Just as soon as I finish these midterms…

Anyway, I wanted to let everyone know that I’m scheduling another lab post for this weekend, so there’s something up even while I’m off convention-ing. There’s also a long list post coming up next Tuesday.

In the meantime, here’s what I’m still watching in terms of new/returned shows:

Once Upon a Time: The first season started out exceptionally strong, but them fumbled a few times. The second season is starting out pretty good, though, and it seems to be trying to fix what I thought was one of the first mistakes of the previous season. Very excited about this.

Revenge: The first season was very strong: good characters, high enough stakes, and very well put together. Nothing major really stood out as a negative. The second season is keeping it up. I was worried that the latest plot development would turn out a little too melodrama-ish, but they’re handling it believably anyway. It definitely doesn’t feel like a melodrama, which is a plus, and the main focus of the story always stays with the core concept: revenge for a grievous wrong. And maybe the fight not to become what you hate, a little.

Big Bang Theory: I like very few comedies, but this is one of them. Yes, it’s stereotypical. But it’s still well done and funny. And they’re still making Whedonverse jokes, which always makes me happy.

Revolution: The second episode was better than the first, definitely. It’s not captivating or anything yet, but it’s got enough potential to keep watching. It sort of vacillates between good scenes and not so good scenes so my opinion on the show changes depending on where I’ve watched to.

666 Park Avenue: I’m most likely to drop this, but we’ll see. Not enough character work for me, personally. I do like the mystery aspect, though. Also, I’d like to tell episode 2 that it’s too late to convince me that Brian is a hapless victim. He already came off as too much of a creep the previous episode. The only thing episode 2 did was make me think that they’re both creepy. Okay, fine, the girl probably wins in terms of creepiness by now, but he doesn’t get off the hook.

And I need to catch up with Doctor Who, too, but I don’t have access to the new season at the moment. This is very sad.

What are you guys watching this fall?

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