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Alphas after Season Two, Character-Focused Television

Alphas is a superhero TV show, showing on Syfy, which centers around a group of mutants (alphas) working for the government to keep others of their kind from being a danger to society. That premise by itself opens up the … Continue reading

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Uh, “Stuff” Scientists Say, and some context

This is a little overdue, in terms of memes, but relevant to my talking about science thing, so here goes. I have no idea how much of this is accessible to a non-scientific audience, but feel free to ask questions … Continue reading

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In Defense of The Big Bang Theory (the show)

One of the few sitcoms I actually like is Big Bang Theory. Interestingly enough, this has come under attack a few times. One of the criticisms I’ve heard is that it’s too stereotypical, which is definitely a fair point. The … Continue reading

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Logic Puzzles and xkcd

xkcd did a play on a well-known logic puzzle this week. This makes me all┬ánostalgic, because I first encountered this puzzle and many like it in high school, back when I was in the math club. Yes, I was in … Continue reading

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“Greek Mythology” (?) in The Immortals

I do have a soft spot for ancient mythological fiction, which is why I chose to see this movie. I’m not all that familiar with Theseus’ story, either, and I’m by no means an expert on ancient Greece. So I … Continue reading

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TV Version of Pre-med Versus Real Life

This is my first post where use a scene in an episode to springboard into talking about the scene’s relevance to what goes on in reality–specifically biomedical education. So here goes. I watched the Warehouse 13 episode “No Pain, No … Continue reading

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The Premise of Girl Genius: Mad Scientists Ruling the World

I’ve mentioned the webcomic, Girl Genius, a few times before. This comic has won the Hugo award for Best Graphic Story three years in a row, the first three years when the award was in existence. The creators Kaja and … Continue reading

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