Logic Puzzles and xkcd

xkcd did a play on a well-known logic puzzle this week. This makes me all nostalgic, because I first encountered this puzzle and many like it in high school, back when I was in the math club. Yes, I was in the math club. So was half of my school. It was that kind of school.

Borrowed from amandavagnone.weebly.com

Anyway, if you aren’t familiar with the puzzle, here’s the set up. If you want to solve it yourself, beware, for I am posting the illustrated solution after the question.

You have a cabbage, a goat, and a wolf. You need to get them all across the river. One problem, though. The boat only fits you plus one (the one being either the cabbage, goat, or wolf). If you leave the goat alone with the cabbage, it’ll eat the cabbage. If you leave the wolf alone with the goat, it’ll eat the goat. How do you get all three across the river, uneaten?

Illustrated solution below:

Borrowed from tluif.home.xs4all.nl

And of course, xkcd’s twist:

Borrowed from xkcd.com

I’ve been encountering this puzzle for years. How come I never questioned the wolf?

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