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Scryer’s Gulch, Science Fantasy Western

This is a web serial novel following Annabelle Duniway, an undercover agent in a mining town. The plot is detailed in the trailer below: Now that I don’t have to explain the plot, let’s talk about why this is so … Continue reading

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The Simpsons on Grad School

End of the semester, going into the holidays. So how do I feel at the end of my first semester? Mostly tired. I’m sure you guys can imagine. Anyway, here’s a video comedy that gives an impression about how grad … Continue reading

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Putting Words in People’s Mouths, Apocalypse 2012

Maybe I should have posted this sooner, but I’m doing it now because now is the great concentration of Mayan doomsday prophesy posts and news articles on the internet. So in the interest of fairness, I feel the need to … Continue reading

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Lab Safety?

So, I have a plane to catch, and I’m probably going to miss my post on Tuesday. Sorry to all, but hopefully I’ll have gotten caught up on some reading in the meantime. Still, I’ll console you by showing you … Continue reading

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The Edge series (Steel’s Edge)

Somewhere in the midst of my grad school stuff, I actually found time to read the new Ilona Andrews book (Steel’s Edge, if you couldn’t tell). So it’s a little late, but I’ve finally gotten there. And I certainly feel … Continue reading

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What’s it like to walk into a new lab?

Finals week is upon me, so here’s something I wrote some time back and never got around to posting: We don’t stay in the same lab forever. As undergraduates maybe we’d only been in one lab, maybe we’d been in … Continue reading

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Brave, Modern Fairy Tale

A princess’ mother pushes her to choose a suitor from the men coming to compete for her hand at a tournament. Said princess wants something else for herself, and sets out to find a way to change the life that’s … Continue reading

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