Brave, Modern Fairy Tale

A princess’ mother pushes her to choose a suitor from the men coming to compete for her hand at a tournament. Said princess wants something else for herself, and sets out to find a way to change the life that’s been chosen for her. But in her zealousness for a solution, she kinda forgets to read the fine print…

As a new fairy tale, this is great. The movie deals with freedom and compromise, which is a bit of a modern update on the themes that can go into children’s stories. It’s very well done, and I could tell it would be a very well made movie from the start. It’s actually funny, while still maintaining the emotional core of the story.

The movie takes a more sensible angle at the relationship between the mother and daughter than I was expecting–neither are exactly right, and the whole point of the story is for them to find a way to understand each other’s point of views and worth. The mistakes they make are all believable. And the way that each of them has to take on the other’s role during the course of the story is a good way to let them gain an appreciation for each other.

The story could have easily sided with the rebellious daughter, making the mother overbearing and whatnot. That’s the easy solution figured a story like this would have. Thankfully, it didn’t. It gave both of them their good points and their bad points. And it made both of them likable in completely different ways.

Another thing I really liked was the body language used by the mother when dealing with her, ah…problem. It was engaging and very funny.

It’s not incredibly deep or anything, but it’s not meant to be. It’s meant to be a relatively mature look at familial relationships, compared to the other fairy tales we have. And it’s meant to be fun to watch. On those accounts, it succeeds.

All in all, a good addition to our modern collection of fairy tales.

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