Lab Safety?

So, I have a plane to catch, and I’m probably going to miss my post on Tuesday. Sorry to all, but hopefully I’ll have gotten caught up on some reading in the meantime.

Still, I’ll console you by showing you what not to do. Seriously, don’t.

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2 Responses to Lab Safety?

  1. Psycho Gecko says:

    Foot protection is of paramount importance. That’s why it’s important to wear shoes. Oh, sure, people like to go with sandals and flip flops. Convenience I understand, but that’s about it. Fashion shouldn’t matter in that, mainly because people have been making fashionable shoes for some time. Not as good for movement either. Moving backwards or running in flip-flops is just not a good idea. Sandals still have the fact that you’re swinging your exposed foot close to sidewalks and stairways. You ever had a toe partially scraped off? Not fun. Then there’s temperature. People wearing open footwear when it’s cold isn’t smart. Bugs can do more to your feet if they are so exposed. Other environmental conditions don’t help, dirtying things up.

    I’m serious. And creepy. Something you notice about feet of people who wear a lot of open shoes is the dirtiness. Much dirtier, and they have this odd flattening of the heel. The heel of people who stick with shoes retains its shape. Also, closed shoes require less toe beautification. Guys tend to not give a crap about that aside from the odd toenail, but women have colors and designs and such. Wear shoes more often and you can save some money on it.

    Finally, while I don’t know what they’re working with in that lab, be it bacteria, fungi, animals, or chemicals, I do know that in the even tof an accident they’d prefer having a full shoe between the skin of their feet and whatever spilled or got loose.

    Ok, now I’m done going Whedon

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