A few fantasy short stories: adventure, heroism, and growing up

Borrowed from beneath-ceaseless-skies.com

Every now and again, especially when I have a lot of work to do and don’t have time for novels, I’ll go read some short stories. So, here are a few that I really enjoyed, with links.

Cursed Motives” by Marissa Lingen

Cursed Motives is about a shipwrecked child princess, with the ability to cast curses–a common skill for the Imperial family, apparently. It’s very fun to watch her character spin between being a curious/bothersome child and a clever/ruthless curser. And the way the other characters change their behavior with her, as they discover the ruthless and dangerous side of her, is well done.

The Storms in Arisbat” by Therese Arkenberg

A fantasy adventure, dealing with fear and heroism. It’s a nice look at the conquering and causes of terror, from a fantasy standpoint. Fun story. Also, I in general like stories where magic is fueled by sacrifice in some way, and this is one of those–the wizard has to give up memories that matter to him to cast spells.

Crystal Halloway and the Forgotten Passage” by Seanan McGuire

This story kind of uses fantasy as a a metaphor for growing up, and it really spoke to me. What with the whole imagination giving way to reality thing. I feel like saying any more would be telling.

I don’t know if any of you guys tend to read short fiction, but if you come across any good stories, feel free to let me know! I need my creative fix, but between all my presentations and classes, reading a novel right now would be a really bad idea.

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