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Spell Bound, and the rest of the Hex Hall trilogy

I just finished reading Spell Bound, the third book in the Hex Hall series by Rachel Hawkins. And, like I knew I would based on the first two books, I liked it. The trilogy is genuinely entertaining. It may not … Continue reading

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Doctors, Scientists, and Silliness

So, I came across another weird statement on the internet. Imagine that, right? Someone was playing Assassin’s Creed and came across an email written by a doctor, which contained informal internet spelling in an email. He objected, saying that no … Continue reading

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Angel of Death, Action Web Series

It’s not genre, but it’s getting a post because A) it’s a very well done web series and B) actors from Xena appear in assorted roles (Lucy Lawless, and her stunt double Zoe Bell, along with Ted Raimi). Which brings … Continue reading

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Funniest Example of Science in Media

So, while brainstorming a post for today, I started trying to remember the most ridiculous portrayal of science I could think of. And one jumped to mind pretty quickly. When one of my friends came to visit me and another … Continue reading

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Being Human, Season 3

Being Human (US version) is back for season 3! As of now, I’m caught up on the first three episodes. Below are the first four minutes of the new season, posted by Syfy. For those who don’t know, I hopped … Continue reading

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Snow Storms and Perspectives on Grad School

So, you guys hear about that snowstorm on the East Coast (USA)? It’s kind of raging outside my window as I write, and apparently it’s even worse in other places. I had to go out last night for my graduate … Continue reading

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“Top Ten Best Bookish Memories”

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday, from The Broke and the Bookish. I can’t come up with ten, because that would require my memory to start functioning, and it isn’t cooperating today. To make up for my failure, here’s a link to a funny … Continue reading

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