“Top Ten Best Bookish Memories”

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday, from The Broke and the Bookish.

I can’t come up with ten, because that would require my memory to start functioning, and it isn’t cooperating today. To make up for my failure, here’s a link to a funny video I can’t embed. It’s a parody of Italian culture versus the rest of Europe, as exaggerated by an Italian (I’m sure the rest of Europe is nowhere near that efficient).

Borrowed from flickr.com, by sdobie

1. As a kid, when my parents actually let me into a bookstore (big mistake), I would actually spend hours picking out the perfect book. My love of fantasy began, weirdly enough, with Anne Bishop and her Tir Alainn trilogy, which for some reason no one else seems to respect. Maybe that’s just the doom of the next series of an author with a popular first series.

2. Meeting Seanan McGuire at NY Comicon and having her sign my copy of Feed (and doodle a chainsaw on it!).

3. Even though I’ve never read Harry Potter (I know, I’ve heard it all before), the sorting hat party that my summer program at the time threw to celebrate the last book release was hilarious. I got called out for offering to help a guy carry a chair by the hat. Somehow, this action landed me in Ravenclaw, and I still haven’t figured out why.

4. In elementary school, they used to have this book fair every now and again, where you could stop by after school and buy whatever. The first of the Royal Diaries series I bought was Cleopatra VII, and I was hooked thereafter. Thus began my fascination with history.

5. Going to the Hocus Pocus: Magic and Monsters in Science Fiction and Fantasy panel at NYCC 2012. I went for Jacqueline Carey, but pretty much everyone was fun to listen to.

6. Public libraries have these really cool book sales, where the books cost very little. I remember my first one. Just getting to browse through all of those books was exciting, and I walked away with bags full of books.

7. Back when I was younger and didn’t have responsibilities, I could read practically non stop, only taking breaks for school and occasionally sleep. I read a lot less during my undergraduate days. And then graduate school came along. I didn’t have time to read at all during the semester, not even authors that I followed regularly. When winter break hit, I made up for it with a vengeance. And I couldn’t stop. So, present day, classes are on again, I need to do work. But every moment I’m not reading a novel, I want to be.

And, one non-book geek moment, to fill things out a little:

8. The Felicia Day panel at NYCC 2011. There was just something magical about being there, and I can’t explain. You had to have been there, and listened to the panelists banter, and seen Bumblebee in the audience, twice as tall as anyone else.

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