Snow Storms and Perspectives on Grad School

So, you guys hear about that snowstorm on the East Coast (USA)? It’s kind of raging outside my window as I write, and apparently it’s even worse in other places. I had to go out last night for my graduate program’s recruitment, and fortunately, aside from the slush I was wading through, it wasn’t that bad. Looks worse now.

So–volunteering at my school’s recruitment may have put me in the path of the storm, but hey, it was fun and the experience made me realize a few things.

Like, back when I was interviewing for this graduate program, I wasn’t really in the position to appreciate the kind of perspective I could get by putting a bunch of people in different stages of the program in a room together. Now, I can. It’s a really good way to get a sense of the program as a whole, rather than the piece I’m currently experiencing.

During my interviews, I couldn’t really focus on asking questions about the program as if I would get in–not while everything was up in the air, and I hadn’t been accepted yet. If I had to give advice to anyone who felt like me, I’d say to treat it as if you will get in and ask everything you might want to know in that case. Because there isn’t going to be a better chance to get information.

And maybe that advice might be good outside of applying to PhD programs, for all I know; maybe it’s like that for job interviews, too. Can anyone weigh in on that, seeing as how I’ve been in school too long to know?

In other news, science comedian Brian Malow:

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