Being Human, Season 3

Being Human (US version) is back for season 3! As of now, I’m caught up on the first three episodes. Below are the first four minutes of the new season, posted by Syfy.

For those who don’t know, I hopped onto this show at the end of the second season, and I think it’s fantastic. I’ve tried one episode of the UK version and didn’t like it. Then I tried some of season 1 of the US version, and it was better, but this show came into its best when it veered away from the UK version, in the second season.

The spin that this show takes on the supernatural comes as even more of a relief now, after another year of being exposed to too much media that overly glorifies the violence and viciousness involved. This show doesn’t do the whole ‘it’s so cool to be this strong’ thing. It doesn’t even do the angsty ‘oh whoa is me, I’m a monster and it sucks despite being so cool’ thing.

The show portrays the horrifying aspects of what the characters are as horrifying. The consequences are real. And the characters’ struggles to live their lives trying not to be monsters is very poignant. When they slip, they really slip. And this show doesn’t pretend it’s okay, though our protagonists remain people who want to be good.

So of course I’m really happy it’s back on, especially with the cancellation of Alphas, which ended the second season a very promising note.

Just hearing our three main protagonists banter again is so refreshing. I love that the show revolves around the friendship of these characters. And they play off each other so well. Josh’s bumbling is so endearing.

Of course, despite it’s funny and heartwarming moments, this isn’t a light show. And the season doesn’t start on anything near a light note, which is appropriate, given the cliffhanger last season. The characters get pushed to do things they wouldn’t normally consider doing, and that kind of thing isn’t without personal cost.

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