Angel of Death, Action Web Series

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It’s not genre, but it’s getting a post because A) it’s a very well done web series and B) actors from Xena appear in assorted roles (Lucy Lawless, and her stunt double Zoe Bell, along with Ted Raimi). Which brings me to C) the lead actress is a stunt double. Xena’s stunt double. Also, the Bride’s stunt double in Kill Bill.

This series is about an assassin who botches a job, starts questioning what she’s doing, and goes on a rampage against the bad guys. The action is so much fun, if you ask me. It’s been a while since I saw it (it came out in 2009), but I remember really enjoying it. And I don’t really lower my standards for web series, just acknowledge that they’re going to have shorter episodes. If you like action, you’ll probably like this.

From Crackle: Edge

(Link to first episode above).

This post is pretty short, because it’s about a web series and I’m pretty busy with grad school right now. So to throw in something a little extra, I’m going to point out TV Tropes, for those who don’t already know about it. That should kill some time. They’ve got lots of pages detailing the tropes in media, with examples and pages for various works.

They’re also very quotable. Like with Adorkable. Also recommended is Television Is Trying to Kill Us, for the useful reality check.

EDIT: While TV Tropes does not turn into a time suck for everyone, there is definitely a risk of spending hours on the site. It is generally a good idea to not be on a deadline when you make your first visit.

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5 Responses to Angel of Death, Action Web Series

  1. wildbow says:

    Kill some time? TV tropes is a dangerous trap for anyone with stuff to do, where you click on just one more link, just one more link, only to find that hours have passed.

    That said, I’ve personally found TV tropes to be an invaluable resource on a lot of levels, for my writing. A trope that’s overused is a cliche, and TV tropes had given me an incredible degree of awareness of what’s a cliche and what’s a trope (as well as the sort of things readers pay attention to). Also, having my story on there has probably supplied me with more readers than anything else.

    Just… make sure you don’t ahve anything on your schedule in case you slip too deep into that rabbit hole.

    • Marie Erving says:

      It’s funny, I actually know more people who browsed TV Tropes casually for a little while before stopping than who kept at if for hours and hours. But seeing as how I was one of the latter, maybe I should know better than to recommend the site without a warning. I’ll edit that into the post. Thanks!

  2. Psycho Gecko says:

    It’s been useful and fun for me, such as helping me find Chikara, which I desperately hope to watch a whole show of someday, as well as Legion of Nothing and Worm. It also gave me a place to whine and moan about The Dark Knight Rises because I think they basically made a generic action movie that you could have put any returning action hero in and just slapped a Batman symbol and a Batsuit on it.

    Oh, and they also turned me onto the Slender Man Mythos and The Joker Blogs. Good stuff.

    • wildbow says:

      The Dark Knight Rises would be a very good target for discussion/critique/criticism, for any blogger with even a basic knowledge of the Batman franchise.

      I watched it recently, with high hopes, but I was horribly disappointed. My biggest criticism is that he wasn’t the real batman.

      The Dark Knight sort of toys with the audience by suggesting that batman uses a gun, before refuting it, but TDKR just defies the central ideas of the character. Tragic.

      • Psycho Gecko says:

        I couldn’t get over what he did in the years between the two movies. I think I ranted about that some on Worm a little after seeing it. How do you explain him broken down physically and emotionally after all these years when your character is known for facing a large group of colorful foes who never stay captured? If you’re the writers of Dark Knight Rises, you pick the dumbest option possible.

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