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Cliff Walk and Fort Adams in Newport, RI

Last weekend, I was in Newport. I have to say that the standout of that trip was the Cliff Walk. It’s a pedestrian trail a little over three miles long, alongside the coastline. In the beginning, it’s paved and a … Continue reading

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The Man from Earth

This is probably my favorite scifi movie, despite it having no action and taking place mostly in one room. Or maybe because of it. The story follows a group of college professors saying goodbye to a colleague who’s leaving. This … Continue reading

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As I’m not around this weekend, this post is going to be pretty short, just content sharing, and very academia themed. First is a sort of parody re-imagining of Goyte’s song about budding yeast biology: Oh, Saccharomyces cerevisiae (otherwise known as … Continue reading

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Dragon Age: Origins, fantasy RPG

In this game, the player is a Grey Warden, dedicated to fighting the darkspawn threat (this game’s looming evil side. However, the country is in chaos, and the player needs to amass a unified force, all the while making decisions … Continue reading

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Women in Science, Big Bang Theory Style

Big Bang Theory did a women in science episode. I may be a week late (again), but I feel a little obligated to comment on it. That said, my personal focus tends to be less towards influencing any particular group … Continue reading

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Midnight Blue-Light Special (Incryptid series), urban fantasy

The second book in Seanan McGuire’s cryptozoology themed urban fantasy came out last week. Thanks to a well placed biochemistry exam, I didn’t manage to post about it the week of its release. Oh well. The first book is Discount … Continue reading

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Video Share: Aging and Invisible Dog

Anyone who follows this blog probably knows that while weekly reviews are a staple, I sometimes vary up my weekend content a little.  Today I’m sharing two very different videos. First is a pretty well done explanation of aging for … Continue reading

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Legend of Korra, season 1

So on the recommendation of a friend, I went ahead and caught up on the first season of the sequel to Avatar. I haven’t seen Avatar in a while, so I’m not going to be comparing the show to its … Continue reading

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Brain Awareness Week

I recently found out that Brain Awareness Week is from March 11-17 this year. If you’re in NYC, consider checking out the events. There are workshops, lectures, at least one fair. Most of them look like they’re free, though some require … Continue reading

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