Brain Awareness Week

I recently found out that Brain Awareness Week is from March 11-17 this year.

If you’re in NYC, consider checking out the events. There are workshops, lectures, at least one fair. Most of them look like they’re free, though some require registration, and there are options for different ages.

There’s this BioBus thing that sounds intriguing–a bus equipped with microscopes that travels around to different schools. I believe it’s slated to be at Washington Square North sometime on Saturday, March 16th. So if you’ve got children, this might be an interesting thing to take advantage of.

If you’re not in NYC, but want to know if any events are happening in your area, you can check out the international calendar of events.

Alternatively, here’s a tumbler I found on neuroscience. Hopefully, this will help if anyone wants something to look at but can’t go to any events.


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