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Gunnerkrigg Court, tricksters and robots

Gunnerkrigg Court is a webcomic which follows an aloof young girl in a fantasy boarding school. Or maybe a science fantasy boarding school, as some characters tend towards fantasy, while others tend towards science. The school (or the Court) is … Continue reading

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Humanoid aliens and mutated species in sci-fi

I talked about the Defiance pilot earlier this week, and its story line. Now I want to present my personal opinions on a few biology type things in the story–proof that having a healthy capacity to suspend disbelief is useful. … Continue reading

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Defiance, pilot impressions

[First, a note: I didn’t put up a post last weekend, but I did tweet letting people know that it wasn’t going to go up–so in the future, if anyone wants to know why a post isn’t there, the answer … Continue reading

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Merlin, my favorite five season long tease

With all of the final season aired in the UK and half of it in the US, the BBC’s Merlin is almost over (at this point, I’ve seen what’s aired in the US). It’s a little sad. I can’t in … Continue reading

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A-Z About Me

Maggie, of I Could Be Arguing In My Spare Time, nominated me for the Awesome Blog Content award. Thank you, Maggie! So the task set to me for this award is to write an A-Z list about myself. Adventure – … Continue reading

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Worm, superhero web serial with great action and characters

Worm, by wildbow, is a web serial following Taylor, a girl who wants to be a superhero. But the world isn’t a kind enough place for it to be quite that easy. As she finds out more about what’s happening … Continue reading

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This post lacks a theme, but has many links and a tiny almost-rant

First off, I created a new page this week, where I list standing recommendations for works across different types of media, for anyone interested. There’s a link somewhere at the top of the page. Additionally, I just found out that … Continue reading

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