The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which you don’t have to be a fan of Jane Austen to enjoy

(Sorry I’m posting a little later than usual; I was working on a presentation and forgot what day it was.)

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries web series ended last week, so I figured I should go ahead and talk about it. First, I’d like to say that in no way is this premise something I would usually go for. I tend to go for something with a fantasy/adventure aspect, or with a historical one–and yes, Jane Austen’s works are set in the past for obvious reasons, but 1) something where the main plot is a romance drama is a harder sell for me, though I have seen proof it can be well done and 2) this remake is set in modern times anyway. Thus this web series very neatly bypasses all the things I’m usually interested in.

I pretty much decided to check it out because a post by Amethyst Marie recommended it. And what do you know? It was really engrossing. Between the characters and the acting, there was a lot of charisma in this series. It had the kind of passion that just grabs people.  (I take this as further proof that for each individual, something exists in every genre that they would like. It’s just not always easy to find.)

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries are a modern reimagining of Pride and Prejudice, done in vlog format. The characters’ flaws and arcs are compelling, and they’re treated with respect. You can agree or disagree with any of their actions, but none of them are painted as unequivocally wrong for their behavior (well, with one exception, but there’s no getting around that.) The series has what I think of as the most important aspect in media: great characterization.

Overall,  it’s a fun show, where the characters make mistakes and have to change based on what they learn about each other and themselves.

For anyone interested, here’s the first episode:

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