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Media Roundup: Endings, and also some Medieval Combat

This week’s post is going to be a little bit more of a roundup, rather than focused on one thing. Innkeeper Chronicles (web serial), Once Upon a Time (TV), and The History Channel: Great Battles Medieval (game) are the topics. … Continue reading

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Featuring Jhall Comics on introversion: The middle one might work on me–it nearly has on a few occasions, to a certain degree. I’ve definitely refrained from heading into the kitchen many times, just because someone I didn’t know that well was in … Continue reading

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Top Ten Tuesday, “Top Ten Favorite Book Covers Of Books I’ve Read”

Haven’t done a Top Ten Tuesday from The Broke and the Bookish in a while, since I felt like I was going to get too repetitive soon. There are some favorites that I tend to keep going back to. But … Continue reading

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Magic versus science, references to in fantasy fiction

I sometimes feel like I’m nitpicking with some of the science comments I make about shows, but this is probably a good way to point out the problems with perceptions about science. So, onward. Once Upon a Time has been fantastic … Continue reading

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Comedic Music, “Yo Mama Battle (of compliments)”

I decided that this video deserved its own post. This is the kind of stuff I love most from Rhett and Link. It’s funny, and it takes a concept and spins it around on its head. And of course, takes … Continue reading

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Iron Man 3, because it had to happen eventually

Saw the latest Iron Man last Friday, in 2D–I heard the 3D wasn’t really worth it from some trusted sources. This made getting the ticket interesting, because the regular 2D version was noted as “Iron Man 3 D”. Apparently the … Continue reading

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Video Roundup: Medieval Batman, Polio, and Water Tribe Noodles

I’ve got a few too many videos to share with you guys, so here’s a roundup post. The plot for the Batman movies as pitched by a medieval writer to his king: A 3 minute documentary on the difficulty of polio vaccination … Continue reading

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