Tea ceremonies, rice paper, and flower arrangements; this year’s Sakura Matsuri experience at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Once again, I went to the Sakura Matsuri festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

One of the first things we did was go to a traditional Japanese flower arrangement demonstration–there are different schools for this, and I think that the demonstration we saw was from the Sogetsu School.


This is the first arrangment we watched made.

We also saw a lecture/demonstration of a Japanese tea ceremony, which I just learned people need to study how to conduct for decades. The demonstration was done by the Urasenke Chanoyu Center, who give similar talks monthly in NYC. Just browing their site manages to convey a bit of how complicated and detailed it is.

Borrowed from urasenkeny.org

We also saw a display of rice paper collages in the harie style by Junko Yamada. The works are actually 3D, with some pictures utalizing it more than others. Unfortunetly, you can’t really see that in the 2D image.

Borrowed from junkoyamada.com

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