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The middle one might work on me–it nearly has on a few occasions, to a certain degree. I’ve definitely refrained from heading into the kitchen many times, just because someone I didn’t know that well was in between me and food.

The other two probably wouldn’t. Option number one doesn’t require actually drawing anyone’s attention and isn’t happening on my turf. I can blend into the background with the best of them.

Option three doesn’t require trying to figure out a way to keep a conversation going, and I’ll have lost too much blood to be self-conscious anyway.

Any other opinions on these? Any introverts think any of the options ring true or false?

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2 Responses to Introversion?

  1. Eh, they all ring false. If someone poisons me, I’ll completely ditch my introversion to make sure that everyone at the party knows who the bastard was, if a stranger’s in the kitchen and I didn’t invite them, I’ll throw them out, and if I get stabbed in a lecture hall, see my response to option No. 1.
    Because no matter how introverted I might be by inclination, I also have a short temper 🙂

    • Marie Erving says:

      Hm, I think I interpreted that second one a little differently than you did. I have roommates, and I’d never throw my roommates’ guests out of our common living area. But if it was some random stranger none of us knew, well, that’s different.

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