Unabashed love for Attack on Titan; oh yeah, and link to Game of Thrones twitter reactions, for the brave

First off, a big event happened on Game of Thrones this week, something that those of us who read the book have been waiting for. And the reactions, oh the reactions. There’s a twitter account dedicated to retweeting reactions to this specific event in this episode. Don’t click here if you don’t want to be spoiled!

Borrowed from seananmcguire.com

On another note, one of my favorite authors, Seanan McGuire, is releasing a kindle serial with two episodes out, Indexing. Fairy tales have wills of their own, and pull people into the roles in their stories–Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Wicked Stepsister. This usually does not end well. The serial follows a team meant to prevent the damage that a rampaging fairy tale can do. I love the creative premise here, and will be reading.

And finally, I’ve gotten the chance to catch up on some anime. I want to talk about the series everyone is raving about right now: Attack on Titan. The manga became a hit out of nowhere, and the anime adaptation is being simulcast now, on Crunchyroll and Funimation. I’m somewhere in the middle of the season.

The story follows a post-apocalyptic community. Giant man-eating Titans prowl the outside the giant walls of humanity’s fortress, but the walls have held up for hundreds of years. So naturally, they’ll hold up forever, right? The story follows Eren, as he lives through the initial breach of one of the walls and grows into a soldier who battles the Titians. I’m posting the opening below, instead of the trailer, because I like it more:

This is good. First episode did a good job of setting up the world and then destroying the peace that the community has known for a hundred years. Brutally destroying it. I’m not kidding.

Disabuse yourself now of the notion that there’s anything even remotely cuddly about this show.

I initially wasn’t fond of our lead, Eren, but now I’m sorry I ever felt that way. I’m seriously going to have take that back. He’s got his flaws, especially with that temper. But he’s not only willing, but eager to put himself between someone else and danger. And that has to count for a lot.

His foster sister, Mikasa, is harder to pin down at first, because she has this passive, almost dead-like quality to her, that made me assume she’s had a harder life than Eren. This made the first time she reacted emotionally, actually crying, all the more powerful.

And his friend, Armin, I loved from his first line–he was getting beat up by a bunch of bullies, who were taunting him about fighting back. He refused, because that would bring him down to their level. And he said this in a calm tone, rather than a defiant one, even though he was in pain.

And they use the Titans as villains! Or at least, they’re called Titans.

This is a very enjoyable and devastating story, following the soldiers who are trying to keep the human race alive against an impossible enemy. It doesn’t trivialize the fear these people feel when they go into combat. I can definitely see why this was a breakaway hit, and I can’t wait for the next episode!


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