AnimeNEXT, a weekend of cosplay and taking pictures of Fairy Tail characters

I’m back home from spending the weekend at AnimeNEXT. I’m exhausted, but it was fun, and I saw a lot of cool stuff. Speaking of cool stuff, look at what I now own:

The guy on the right is a fictional Alexander the Great.

The guy on the right is a fictional Alexander the Great.

These are two characters from Fate/Zero, a dark fantasy series by Gen Urobuchi (also known in some circles as Urobutcher, which makes more sense if you have exposure to his work).

As a bonus, one of those characters is Alexander the Great. Yes, it’s a fictional adaptation of him, but as a history major I am still exceedingly happy to have Alexander the Great on a keychain.

As for cosplay, it was interesting to see what people are dressing up as this year. Here’s a  small rundown of what I saw, with vague estimates:

  • tons of Naruto and Bleach characters
  • five Elizabeths from Bioshock Infinite
  • many, many Fairy Tail characters, though I might be biased because I took pictures of most of them during the Fairy Tail shoot
  • around five or so Shizuos from Durarara!, a few less Izayas, and two Celtys (so happy to see Durarara! cosplays, by the way)
  • a Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones
  • three people from Attack on Titan–one was unquestionably Sasha, but I didn’t see enough of the others to make a positive character ID
  • a couple of Korras, from Legend of Korra

I was incredibly excited to see so many Elizabeths from Bioshock Infinite, although I didn’t expect Elizabeth to single handedly outnumber Game of Thrones! Moreover, there were even more posters of Elizabeth in Artist Alley on display than for Game of Thrones.

Here’s a picture from the Fairy Tail photo shoot I was at (since my friends were cosplaying).

Lots of Natsus, from Fairy Tail!

Lots of Natsus, from Fairy Tail!

Anyone else been to any conventions this year? Any costuming trends you think are going on?


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2 Responses to AnimeNEXT, a weekend of cosplay and taking pictures of Fairy Tail characters

  1. Psycho Gecko says:

    Only real convention I’ve ever been in was Mephit Furmeet. I’m not able to go to that one anymore and it seemed to be a down year due to the recession. I didn’t have a lot of money for it either. Now that I think about it, I think I remember a woman in the artists’ room with a coffee mug that said “I draw bewbz.” Also, some good fursuit heads. Just wish I had more money at the time, but as I recall my laptop had just practiced its diving with a quadruple backflip off a 4 foot tall surface onto the floor.

    Next closest thing I’ve ever been to was a secular rally against a proposition to allow this state to use state funds to pay for religious institutions and organizations. Poor turnout too, in part because they did a really poor job telling people about it. Still, I got a big white shirt that says “I am made of star dust” with one of the As being larger and red.

    • Marie Erving says:

      Yeah, I’m lucky that I’m okay with looking at most stuff instead of buying it all. I imagine most people spend a decent amount at cons. I’m also lucky to be in a location where the events I want to go to occur, come to think of it.

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