More science in Defiance, plus a video roundup with medieval peasants, racial misunderstandings, and gorillas

Recent science in the media thing, that I’m actually pretty cool with: The 9th episode of Defiance had a plague. And instead of the silly medical-doctor-comes-up-with-a-cure-on-the-spot plot, the characters are waiting for a cure to arrive, since it’s been made in a different place in response to a different outbreak. “Months” still seems overly fast to develop the medication, but it’s a definite improvement. I’m happy.

So I’m going to do a video roundup. 1st video: medieval folks deciding on a governmental style, sarcasm included. 2nd video: skit of a guy insistently asking an American girl of Asian ethnicity where she’s from, and her returning the favor. Sarcasm also included. 3rd video: how to survive a gorilla charge. No sarcasm.

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