What Stories are Worth Following Online? Roundup: Sci-fi, Superheroes, and Science!

What online media am I following right now and why? This is a slightly shortened list, since the actual list would probably be too long, and I’d have forgotten stuff anyway.

Co-Optitude (web series)

Felicia and Ryan Day play retro games together. This series is really funny. The games themselves are hilariously outdated, and our hosts do a great job of making fun of them (and each other; especially each other). Plus, everything Felicia Day touches is golden. You can’t say I’m not laying out all of my biases.

Worm (web serial)

A teenager gains superpowers and decides to be a superhero, gradually becoming embroiled in power plays that will shape the city and even the world. This is a fantastic story, where the scope gets progressively larger and the decisions get progressively harder. The villains are scary, the protagonist is creative, and the set up is constantly evolving. I love it, and we’re about to get payoff on some big plot points that have been brewing for a while.

Questionable Content (comic)

Day to day life of an eclectic group of friends. And a robot. It’s entertaining slice-of-life, with little bits of sci-fi in the background. It’s pretty much okay to jump in anywhere, and I should note that the art evolves drastically throughout the course of the work. I didn’t start at the beginning either, but I’m following pretty much everything now.

If superpowers were real (web series)

Educator Joy Lin put together this very entertaining series about what it would mean if various popular superpowers were real for TED. It’s technically over, but it’s recent enough to end up here and worth checking out.

Girl Genius (comic)

Mad geniuses are making political power plays, while inventing an army of mutant soldiers. Or something. I’ve ranted about this a lot, so I’ll restrain myself. The plot just went somewhere I didn’t imagine, and I’m very excited to see how this plays out. And funny background stuff is everywhere, so rereading or looking at the panels more closely pays off.

Gunnerkrigg Court (comic)

Antimony Carver is a strange girl in a strange school, learning where she fits between the school’s technical prowess and the magic of the adjacent forest. A new chapter in Antimony’s life is currently taking off, with all kinds of new trouble, I’m sure. Looks like we’re going to see her…well, let’s go with familiar…follow a plot line of his own soon. He’s being pulled in so many different directions, it’ll be interesting to see him handle it.

PHD Comics (comic)

A comic look at the lives of students in labs. There may be some trauma fueling the comedy.

And of course, if anyone wants to add anything they’re following online in the comments, feel free!

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