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Dragon Age 2 and the Ever Feuding Companions

I love the Dragon Age franchise. My first experience with it came in the form of Felicia Day’s tie-in web series, Dragon Age: Redemption. After that, I had to try Dragon Age: Origins. And it was amazing. Since then, I’ve … Continue reading

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Top Ten Non-Alpha Male Heroes

It had to happen eventually. I love urban fantasy, I really do. But there are some archetypes that keep resurfacing again and again. Not in every work, and they aren’t always done badly. But in the great majority of the … Continue reading

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The Wolverine: Wherein the trailer is not like the movie in ways that make me sad

Verdict on The Wolverine: It was okay. A little boring, unlike the first movie which was at least hilariously bad. A lot of people genuinely enjoyed it, though, so maybe it just didn’t work for me personally. There be some … Continue reading

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Post-Marathon Impressions and Favorite Characters for the absolutely amazing Avatar: The Last Airbender

I’ve caught episodes of Airbender when I was a kid, but I’d never actually sat down and watched all of them in order. After watching the first season of Korra and hearing all the hype about this show, I figured … Continue reading

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