Lab Talk: The Next Stage of Graduate School

So, good news! I have a lab.

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New let me backtrack and explain what that means. As a student in a PhD program, my first year, I did rotations. This means that I worked for a few months in different labs. At the end of the year, one of these labs would become my lab for the rest of my graduate career.

This is a pretty big deal, since I’m going to spend approximately five years in this lab (or that’s the average, anyway). And of course, labs can’t always take students–this year is considered pretty bad for science funding, and there might also be space issues.

But all that is behind me now. I’ve been accepted into a lab that I really want, and I’m very happy. Yay!

(This is also why all of my posts have shifter later in the week recently. I’m planning on shifting them back soon.)


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