Anticipating the Fall TV and Anime Season

Since the new TV season is coming up, I’m going to throw in a brief statement on Warehouse 13’s latest season, and then run down what I’m thinking of watching this fall and why.

Warehouse 13, season 4:

The series is coming to an end with six more episodes, which is sad. It’s a great show. I love the characters, I love the plots. How did I not start watching this sooner? This season James Marsters (Buffy, Torchwood, Caprica) and Anthony Stewart Head (Buffy, Merlin) both guest star. They’re both amazing in their roles, and I’m happy seeing them onscreen together again. The main protagonists of the show are going through a tough time right now, with the season ending on another cliffhanger. It’s been an intense season, and I really want to see the resolution to this.

Will Definitely Watch the Full Season (these shows will be good; it is a fact):

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S.H.I.E.L.D.: Or Agents of, whatever. A task force of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are dealing with a changing world, and the superpowered individuals that come with it.

It’s a Joss Whedon show, which guarantees I’m watching it. Beyond that, it just looks like it’s going to be good. Professionals, but ones without powers, in a super powered world? That’s a great setup, where the protagonists have this disadvantage (or perceived disadvantage, depending on the situation), and have to win against people with more power than they have. There’s a lot of room for some great action and creativity there.

Side note: It’s interesting that this is the opposite of Korra’s first season plot, where the protagonists had to fight non-powered professionals, who could defeat people with powers because they were so skilled. I love getting to see the challenges from both sides.

Legend of Korra, Book 2: Spirits: Korra is the Avatar, tasked with keeping balance in the world, and she’s coming into her own. She made it through her first challenge and learned to bend the four elements–but she still needs to come to terms with the spiritual aspects of her powers, as the Avatar is the bridge between her world and the spirit world.

Anything by the people who did the Avatar series is worth checking out. And the first season of Korra was hands down better than at least half the live action stuff on TV that season. The creators know how to write fascinating characters, and can blend comedy, action, and drama so smoothly–I rarely see this kind of thing pulled off.

Once Upon a Time: Fairy tale characters, formerly cursed to live in our world with no knowledge of who they are, have now broken free from this curse and started figuring out how to go on, when Snow White’s grandchild was kidnapped. This season, follows the protagonists as they head into Neverland to get him back.

Despite some issues, this show is genuinely good and well worth continuing. I love fantasy, so having a good fantasy TV show running makes me very happy. The second season fixed a lot of the worst problems with the second half of the first season as best as it could, and never messed up that badly again.

I really do enjoy that the show keeps changing up the dynamics from season to season. The main issues that the protagonists face in every season is different, and the show gained a lot of respect from me for moving on to new problems in season 2. And despite the cliffhanger (thanks for that), I also respect that the last episode set up a completely new story problem for season 3. I’d respect it even more if it did it without a massive cliffhanger, but you win some, you lose some.

Will Probably Watch the Full Season:

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: Alice has been and gone to Wonderland, and her adventures are past. Her world thinks she’s insane, and she just wants to forget someone she lost–until her old friends from Wonderland come back to get her, so she can find this person again.

Considering how entertaining Once Upon a Time turned out, and how much I love the fantasy genre, there’s really no way I’m not checking this out. And the trailer looks absolutely fantastic–this looks like it’ll be an adventure-heavy series, and I already like Alice just from this.

Will Probably Try the First Episode (at least):

Dracula: Dracula comes to America seeking revenge.

Ew, vampires, ew.

Why do we have to have a vampire thing going in this country right now? That said, I don’t want to miss out on a good fantasy show because of squeamishness. Unless it gives me nightmares or something. Jonathan Rhys Meyers was fantastic as a spoiled and unstable Henry VIII in The Tudors, and if his Dracula is even remotely unhinged, his acting should be amazing to watch.

Samurai Flamenco: Um…a model decides to become a superhero?

The director also directed Baccano! and Durarara!!, which I just loved. That alone makes it worth checking out.

Kyoukai No Kanata: A girl with the power to manipulate blood meets a boy who can heal his wounds quickly.

I have no idea if this will be good or not. The premise sounds like maybe it might be–I mean, the power to manipulate blood? This kind of thing has been known to lead to some interesting stories. Kyoto Animation is making this, and the last supernatural thing they did was Melancholy of Haruhi, which was great. I’ll check out the first episode and include my thoughts in a pilot roundup, or something.

Galilei Donna: Three sisters descended from Galileo are being hunted down by several governments.

Maybe the reason I want to check this out is that I know literally nothing about it, and therefore nothing has managed to turn me off yet. And I’m a history buff, hoping that the Galileo connection is somehow significant.

Book-wise, Karen Chance’s Tempt the Stars and Mira Grant’s Parasite come out in October, and I’ll probably get to them in the near future since both authors are fantastic.

Anyone excited for anything else this fall?

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