Roundup: Mortal Kombat, Coppelion, Gastro Geek

Mortal Kombat: Legacy II

For those of us who’d like to see more fantasy-esque web series with something resembling a budget, the second season of Mortal Kombat: Legacy came out last month.

The Mortal Kombat games feature a tournament where the greatest fighters of a realm (of which Earthland is one) defend it against the greatest warriors of another realm. The first season of Mortal Kombat: Legacy dealt exclusively with character backstories.

This season, on the other hand, delves a bit into the actual tournament, though it is still mostly backstory for the characters. For anyone who doesn’t mind watching a series of vignettes, this is a well shot story with many loosely connected components. There are a ton of characters to get through and this is a fight to the death, so not getting too attached to any of them might be a good idea.

My favorite episode is probably the first one. And I like how the very personal reasons the characters have for fighting are handled, especially the ones with former friends finding themselves at odds.


Borrowed from

This is actually interesting. At heart, it’s a rescue mission. Three girls were genetically engineered to withstand the inhospitable environment outside. They were raised and trained to go into Tokyo–the site of a nuclear accident twenty years ago–and save anyone left to save.

This show isn’t rushing, but something about the atmosphere, something about watching the characters fulfill this mission that belongs to them, is just compelling enough that I want to keep watching. It feels like the kind of show that builds up to something, so hopefully it’ll deliver on that.

As much as there’s a mission of the week, it doesn’t feel like the mission itself is the point. The point is the big picture, and what each of these missions means to our main characters. The girls really care about what they’re doing. And they really care about what they’re saving these people from. I don’t mind the show taking it’s time to get to where it’s going, and so far, it’s enough to keep my interest.

It also hasn’t done anything to offend me yet, which seems to be a tall order this anime season. (A sister complex, Beyond the Boundary? Really? I can’t root for a protagonist whose younger sister is clearly disgusted by how he acts about her.)

And there is some really pretty scenery, too.

Gastro Geek

This is from a little while back–it’s a spoof of reality cooking shows, Geek and Sundry style, where the cast is hilarious:

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